Limited Shop at 2k540



もちろん、人気のオバケちゃんチャームやフカフカでユニークなZABUTON BAGなど既存商品も販売します。

It will be held the Limited shop creators of colleagues and 9 days.

It is fashionable fun season now. Such as the commitment hats and accessories We are looking forward to align the handmade goods. Please visit at looking for only your favorite. “Euphoric tote bag” is the debut of the new work in tomotomo. Wool and quilts, prints, etc. have been be made with a variety of material.

Of course, existing products, such as unique ZABUTON BAG in the popularity of ghost-chan charm and fluffy also sold.

  • 10/15sat〜23sun (10/19wedは休館日です)
  • 2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN イベントスペースA.Bにて
  • 11:00〜19:00(最終日〜18:00まで)





Creator’s market at GRANDUO TACHIKAWA


今回は商品の販売だけでなく、初めてワークショップを開催しました。tomotomo のワークショップは猫のヘアゴムとブローチ。生地の柄、ヘアゴムやタッセル飾りの色を自由に選んでいただき、自分だけの猫を作ります。小さな女の子から小学生、お母さんまで参加いただき個性豊かな猫のアクセサリーが出来ました。

At 8/2-8/8 , in western Tokyo, Creators market a collection of items of handmade creators at GRANDUO Tachikawa in the JR Tachikawa Station was held.

Not only the sale of goods this time, was the first to hold a workshop. Workshop of cat hair elastic and brooch of tomotomo. Fabric pattern, you will choose the color of the hair elastic and tassel decoration free, make only the cat yourself. A little girl and elementary school students, also participated mom. We enjoyed making cat accessories.






Handmade In Japan Fes 2016

7/23〜24、東京ビッグサイトで開催されたHandmade In Japan Fes 2016に出展しました。新しいお客様、思いがけない出会いがありました。会場には3000ものブースが並び、ハンドメイド熱を感じたイベントでした。

7 / 23-24, it was exhibited at the Handmade In Japan Fes 2016, which was held in Tokyo Big Sight. New customers, there was an unexpected encounter.

The venue lined 3000 booth, was the event that felt the handmade heat.